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VVSOR Annual Meeting 2021

The 2021 annual meeting will be about spread. We will not only discuss the spread of viruses, but also of information, opinions, goods and/or people. The speakers will reflect on modeling “Going Viral” from their field by using concepts from both statistics and OR. Think for instance about using networks, uncertainty and optimization.

Save the Date: Thursday March 18, 2021
Location: Online
Preliminary program: 12:00 – 17:15
Tickets: Free

For the first time, this year the Annual Meeting will be an online streaming event on Zoom. The AM 2021 will be in English. We will have a general assembly for members, followed by the actual event with four talks and two award presentations. The AM 2021 will be in English.

Registration is now open, please register with the form below. This year’s annual meeting is free of charge.

More information on the program and speakers will follow in STAtOR’s next edition and on this website.

E-mail: annualmeeting@vvsor.nl


 Registration Form VVSOR AM 2021

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