Getting in touch with the VVSOR

Do you have ideas, questions or suggestions for the VVSOR? You can email the daily board through this link.

In case of administrative questions or changing your membership, please contact our administration office at

Our society is registered at the Dutch Kamer van Koophandel

KvK-nummer 40342371
RSIN (fiscaal nummer) 815782329

VVSOR’s address is Maarsbergseweg 20, 3956 KW Leersum, ten kantore van NonProfitSupport (NPS)*.

*NPS performs the administrative and accounting tasks on behalf of the VVSOR board. NPS has no say in the administrative and financial affairs of the VVSOR


Expert Group Press of the VVSOR

The expert group provides advice to organizations and the news media on new developments and difficult situations within the field of statistics and OR. Interested to receive more background information on statistics in the news? The members of our expert group are willing to help answer questions and communicate about statistics, operations research and data related topics.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us at