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Statistica Neerlandica

Statistica Neerlandica has been the journal of the Netherlands Society for Statistics and Operations Research since 1946. It covers all areas of statistics, from theoretical to applied, with a special emphasis on mathematical statistics, statistics for the behavioural sciences and biostatistics.

News: Call for Papers

Special Issue of Statistica Neerlandica on “Statistical Network Science”

This special issue of Statistica Neerlandica will be dedicated to Statistical Network Science. It encourages submissions of novel inferential techniques for network phenomena, including (but not exclusively), random graphs (such as social networks), temporal graphs (such as trade networks), phenomena on graphs (such as infections and rumors) and trees (such as evolutionary processes), and complex systems modelled through graphical models or systems of differential equations. We encourage methodological work, but also interesting applications. It would be useful if the authors made clear, in their paper and cover letter, whether the focus is methodological development or a serious statistical analysis of a novel network data structure.

The editors of this special issue will be Ernst Wit and Veronica Vinciotti.

The deadline for the submission of manuscripts is 15 June 2019. All submissions must be made online at

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VVSOR members all have free access to a newly developed ‘Statistica Neerlandica’ app for the Iphone and Ipad. This app is available for download here.

The wide scope of the journal is reflected by the expertise of the journal’s editors representing these areas. The diverse editorial board is committed to a fast and fair reviewing process, and will judge submissions on quality, correctness, relevance and originality. Statistica Neerlandica encourages transparency and reproducibility, and offers online resources to make data, code, simulation results and other additional materials publicly available.

Statistica Neerlandica is edited by:

  • Eric Cator (Editor-in-chief)
  • Marijtje van Duijn (Co-editor)
  • Nan van Geloven (Co-editor)

Authors wishing to submit a manuscript should do so online at ScholarOne Manuscripts.