Statistica Neerlandica

Statistica Neerlandica has been the journal of the Netherlands Society for Statistics and Operations Research since 1946. It covers all areas of statistics, from theoretical to applied, with a special emphasis on mathematical statistics, statistics for the behavioural sciences and biostatistics.

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Statistica Neerlandica is edited by:

  • Casper Albers, University of Groningen, The Netherlands (Co-editor)
  • Edwin van den Heuvel, Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands (Co-editor)
  • Veronica Vinciotti, University of Trento, Italy (Co-editor)
  • Ernst-Jan Camiel Wit, Università della Svizzera italiana, Switzerland (Co-editor)


This wide scope is reflected by the expertise of the journal’s editors representing these areas. The diverse editorial board is committed to a fast and fair reviewing process, and will judge submissions on quality, correctness, relevance and originality. Statistica Neerlandica encourages transparency and reproducibility, and offers online resources to make data, code, simulation results and other additional materials publicly available. We support initiatives such as Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI), and any submission that touches on or involves these topics will receive careful attention.

For submissions made after 1 May 2023, Statistica Neerlandica will become a fast turnaround journal. We will aim to complete the reviewing process within 3 weeks’ time, and publication within 2 months’ time after first submission. This will have several consequences. We will remove the “major revision” category. Any article that requires a major revision will be rejected. We therefore encourage authors to submit “ready-to-publish” manuscripts. In particular, we welcome:

  • Complete analyses (including a leading narrative and, e.g., goodness-of-fit considerations) of interesting, applied problems in any field.
  • Mature developments of novel methodological statistical tools.
  • Interesting theoretical developments in mathematical statistics.

But also

  • Short manuscripts with a single, interesting idea.
  • Up-to-date review articles of an important, developing area in statistics.
  • Special issues focusing on interesting developments in applied, methodological or mathematical statistics.

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