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VVSOR Annual Meeting (registration closed)

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Registration has started for the VVSOR Annual Meeting 2024, taking place at In de Driehoek in Utrecht, the Netherlands on March 21, 2024.

Date: Thursday March 21, 2024
Location: at conference location ‘In de Driehoek’, a 5-10 minutes walk from Utrecht Central station.
Registration: Click here for registration.

Abstracts and programme details: Programme Book VVSOR AM2024

CONTACT US: annualmeeting@vvsor.nl
On this day there will be various speakers presenting their research and work around the theme:

“Statistics and operations research for seeing the invisible” 

Join this annual meeting and learn more from four scientists specializing in the field of statistics, operations research, health economics, mathematics, complexity and their methods for seeing the invisible.

Registration for attendance in Utrecht is now open.

Gepubliceerd op: November 21, 2023