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Register for membership of the VVSOR by using this form. Students can register for free*, and we have special discount for young and senior members.

Membership advantages

  • Attend our annual meeting and other events with discount
  • Free admission to one of the 6 sections of the society and the sections “Young Statisticians” and “Statistics Communication”
  • Subscription to the VVSOR mailing list for announcements, and to the journals: STAtOR & Statistica Neerlandica, either on paper or digital.
  • Early acces to Statistica Neerlandica issues through their app and optional mailing list
  • Option to become part of the Expert Media group, receive training and help increase visibility of statisticians and OR-specialists in the media
  • For young members: automatic access to all activities of the Young Statisticians
  • All individual members receive a 25% discount on virtually all Wiley books

Membership types and yearly rates (2020)

Sections VVSOR

A subscription to one section is included in your membership, free of charge. Subscription to one extra section costs an additional €10.00 per year. More info about our sections can be found here.

Affiliated Membership 2020

A corporation can become a member of the society for €190.00 per year. This particular type of membership includes subscription to all VVSOR sections, the VVSOR-mailing list for announcements, to the scientific journal Statistica Neerlandica, and the journal STAtOR.

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Canceling subscription

Canceling your VVSOR membership is possible one month before the end of the calender year. Please email our administration office before December 1st. The membership will then stop as of the next year (January 1st).