VVSOR Committees

Currently, there are five active committees within VVSOR.

Committees are groups of volunteer VVSOR members who come together to facilitate the advancement of the VVOSR with specific goals.

Send an email to the contact person for enquiries or to join as a member.

Annual Meeting Committee

Guus Luijben
Contact Person
Cindy de Groot
Mehdi Gholam
Luise Gummi

Digital Archiving Committee

Ad Ridder

Media Expert Group Committee

Nikky van Buuren
Contact person
Sanne Willems
Contact person
Laura Verbeek
Contact person

Web Committee

Eugenio Traini
Contact person
Nikky van Buuren
Jaurieke Ton
Sanne Willems

Financial Audit Committee

Rianne de Heide
Peter de Jong