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Energy Transition – VVSOR AM 2022

On the 17th of March, 2022 we have had a hybrid annual meeting of the VVSOR. Four speakers and one award winner gave presentations. Also, we now have a new honorary member, Prof. dr. Jacqueline Meulman. We thank all speakers, attendants, and volunteers and we hope to see many of you next year.

Find below and here the recordings of the talks at the annual meeting . The meeting moderation/chair is the president of the VVSOR, Prof. Dr. Casper Albers (University of Groningen).

Ir. O. (Otto) Swertz – The history of the Dutch energy system and the current energy transition

Dr. R. (Ronald) Huisman -Data analytics will help energy markets to better accommodate renewable energy

Prof. dr. M. F. (Miguel) Anjos – Prosumers and the Future of Smart Electricity Grids


Rianne de Heide – (Van Zwet Award winner) – Bayesian Learning: Challenges, Limitations and Pragmatics
see also the jury report and article on the award

prof. dr. L. (Linda) Steg – The psychology of climate change


Final panel discussion with all four speakers: Ir. O. (Otto) Swertz, Dr. R. (Ronald) Huisman, Prof. dr. M. F. (Miguel) Anjos, Prof. dr. L. (Linda) Steg. Moderation by: Prof. Dr. Casper Albers (University of Groningen)

Gepubliceerd op: March 27, 2022