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Going Viral, Modeling Spread 2021

Last week, on the 18th of March, 2021 we have had a very successful online annual meeting of the VVSOR. In the afternoon, more than 300 visitors from all over the world have joined the meeting on either Zoom or YouTube. Four speakers and two award winners gave presentations. We thank all speakers, attendants, and volunteers and we hope to see many of you next year.

Find below the recordings of the talks at the annual meeting. The meeting moderation/chair is the new president of the VVSOR, Prof. Dr. Casper Albers (University of Groningen). The full YouTube playlist with all talks can be found here.


Prof. dr. N.V. (Nelly) Litvak

Title: Containment strategies for COVID-19 using mobility data

Presenter: Prof. dr. N.V. (Nelly) Litvak, University of Twente / Eindhoven University of Technology

Prof. dr. G. (Gavin) Shaddick

Title: Incorporating time-use and health data into a Dynamic Microsimulation Epidemiological model for COVID-19

Presenter: Prof. dr. G. (Gavin) Shaddick, University of Exeter

Prof. dr. D.J. (Dimitris) Bertsimas

Title: DELPHI: Modeling COVID-19 Spread. Differential Equations Lead to Predictions for Hospitalizations and Infections.

Presenter: Prof. dr. D.J. (Dimitris) Bertsimas, Sloan School of Management at MIT

Prof. dr. J. (Jacco) Wallinga

Title: Curbing the spread: observations, interventions, models, and predictions

Presenter: Prof. dr. J. (Jacco) Wallinga, Leiden University/RIVM

Final discussion

Title: Final panel discussion with all four speakers
Speakers: Prof. dr. D.J. (Dimitris) Bertsimas, Prof. dr. N.V. (Nelly) Litvak,  Prof. dr. G. (Gavin) Shaddick, Prof. dr. J. (Jacco) Wallinga, Leiden University
Moderation by: Prof. Dr. Casper Albers (University of Groningen)

The recording of the VVSOR Award Ceremony and the presentations of the winners (Rosanne Turner  and Michiel uit het Broek) can be viewed in this article.

Gepubliceerd op: March 25, 2021