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The VVSOR holds two types of registers for certification: the registry for Biostatisticians, and the registry for the Statistical Analyst-A VVS.

VVSOR Registry of Biostatisticians

Employers, government institutions and society at large increasingly make demands on biostatisticians who set up and analyse biological, medical and agricultural research. For this reason the VvS+OR, in cooperation with BMS-ANed, inaugurated the Register of Biostatisticians in 1999. This register guarantees that a biostatistician – in the opinion of the occupational group of statisticians in the Netherlands – has sufficient theoretical knowledge and experience to be able to function as an independent biostatistician. For more information, see the site of the biometrics section.



Statistical Analyst A-VVS

However, the VVSOR, recognizes courses as  an equivalent to the level of “Statistical Analyst-A VVS”. The society lists these VVSOR candidates who have met the specified requirements of these courses, to the  “Statistical Analyst-A VVS’ register. Then, these canidates receive the “Statistical Analyst-A VVS” certificate together with the course diploma. The Statistical Analyst-A register is available at the VVSOR secretary.

The recognized courses are:

Statistical Analyst A-VVS, NHL
Business Mathematics, Hoogeschool van Amsterdam
Business Mathematics Academy of Engineering, The Hague University of Applied Sciences
Tilburg Business Mathematics,  Fontys University of Applied Sciences.
Mathematics and Applications (Information techonology), Inholland University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam / Diemen
Opleiding Onderzoeksmedewerker, Tridata: Instituut voor toegepaste statistiek en data-analyse.