Launch of VVSOR blog

As members of the VVSOR, we all have a love for mathematical and statistical models. But if we tell people at a party about our profession, we are looked at with horror and pity. In this area a lot of communication still needs to be done. This is the reason why the VVSOR started initiatives that aim to make statisticians and operations researchers more accessible to the general public and the media.

After the installation of the Media Expert Group, we now launch the VVSOR blog! On this blog members write about current affairs and their relation to statistics and OR. To officially launch the blog, our chair Casper Albers has written a (Dutch) introductory post explaining the aims. You can read this post and the first blogs written by members at!


To get regular updates on the posted blogs, you can follow the VVSOR twitter account (@VVS_OR). We are still looking for enthusiastic bloggers to join our community! If you’re interested to join, contact

Gepubliceerd op: June 7, 2021