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01 September - 01 October 2021

PhD student Reliability of Low Hit Spare Parts

We are looking for a PhD student  in mathematics for the Primavera project (, a Dutch national consortium involving  several universities and industrial partners, revolving around data-analytics for predictive maintenance.

Within PrimaVera, the PhD student will work on a subproject that pertains specifically to developing mathematical models for the accurate prediction of machine reliability, the remaining useful lifetime (RUL) and the failure rate. There are multiple challenges associated with this research direction due to among others scarcity of failures, dependencies between components and heterogeneous data with different time scales. The mathematical models will serve as the basis for spare part and inventory management policies and preventive maintenance planning by integrating learning and decision making. The project is thus at the exciting interface of statistics and stochastic operations research.

The research is fundamental in nature, but it is inspired by real-life problems arising from practical situations. The PhD student will be employed by the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science of  Eindhoven University of Technology but work in close collaboration with ASML – the world-leading manufacturer of integrated-circuit lithography machines. There will be ample opportunities to implement and test novel methodologies in a cutting-edge industrial research environment. This PhD position offers a unique opportunity to work at the interface of academic and industrial research.

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