23 - 29 April 2020

PhD Position

A PhD student position in mathematical statistics is available at the Dept. Mathematical Sciences at Chalmers University, Gothenburg (Sweden), on simulation-based inference methods for models with an “intractable” likelihood. The student will be part of an international collaboration to research new exciting methods, merging computer simulations, Bayesian inference, deep learning and more generally machine learning, for stochastic models. Details on the project and the essential requirements are available here.
The PhD student position is fully funded and is up to 5 years, in the dynamic and international city of Gothenburg, the second-largest city in Sweden. As a PhD student in Mathematical Sciences, the student will have opportunities for many inspiring conversations, a lot of autonomous work and some travel.  The position will be supervised by Assoc. Prof. Umberto Picchini.

Apply by 29 May 2020 following the instructions mentioned here.

For informal enquiries, please get in touch with picchini@chalmers.se