08 January - 14 February 2021

Internship offer

Currently an internship is offered by the departments of Epidemiology and Data science of VUmc Amsterdam and IRAS at the University of Utrecht, under the supervision of Dr. Jeroen Lakerveld and Haykanush Ohanyan (PhD student).

The project consists of an evaluation of the relationships between different environmental factors in exposome context, and the Type 2 diabetes, using machine learning methods.

We have prepared a very large database (n=15,000) with several groups of urban exposures, such as: air pollution, noise, green space, food environment, access to different services etc.

Given the health emergency situation, the internship will entirely take place remotely.

We are looking for an ambitious student with research spirit, communicative, independent and enthusiastic to learn to use AI methods under the statistical software R.

The main language of communication will be English.

At the end of the internship, a report in English (in the form of a scientific paper) and an oral presentation in English at the VU is requested.

Interested candidates can send us their CVs with a cover letter to the following addresses: h.ohanyan@amsterdamumc.nl, or j.lakerveld@amsterdamumc.nl