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postdoctoral position at University of Queensland


A two year postdoctoral position is available at the School of Mathematics and Physics, The University of Queensland, Australia, under the supervision of Prof. Filar [Director, Centre for Applications in Natural Resource Mathematics (CARM)] and working in collaboration with the co-investigators of the ARC Discovery Project “Time Consistency, Risk-Mitigations and Partially Observable Systems”, from which this position is is funded.

The ARC project considers controlling partially observable systems which are dependent on a random background environment comprised of multiple resources evolving in parallel over time. The controller aims to harvest these resources in an optimal manner – by attempting to maximize throughput while simultaneously maintaining time consistent safety. That is, the probability of a catastrophe at any such resource is consistently minimized. Many problems in conservation management and engineering systems are dependent on random environments and entail risk of failure. The challenge of consistently minimizing such a risk while achieving satisfactory and sustainable resource consumption is considerable. This project develops analytical and numerical methods for optimal control in such scenarios. Applications to sustainable fisheries will be explored but the methodology developed will be applicable to generic safety critical systems.

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Essential Selection Criteria:

PhD in the area of Stochastic Modelling, Applied Probability, Stochastic Control, or Optimization.
Evidence of a contribution to research, including publication in peer-reviewed journals.
High level computational skills.
High level of interpersonal skills, including the ability to work collaboratively with colleagues.

Ability to work effectively, both independently and as a member of a research group.
Desirable Selection Criteria:

Familiarity with Markov Decision Processes.
Knowledge of statistical packages such as R.
Enquiries: To discuss this role please contact Prof. Jerzy Filar on +61 7 33652236 or