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Vereniging voor Statistiek en Operations Research

Open Vacancies VVSOR Board

Nominate a board coordinator or project coordinator for the VVSOR daily board!

Are you, or do you know a fellow statistician with one of the profiles below? Please discuss your nomination with the board member-to-be and let us know at

Board coordinator VVSOR daily board

The VVSOR daily board searches for an enthousiastic and energetic person for the position of board coordinator. A board coordinator is a good communicator that is always well informed. A board coordinator manages the day-to-day businesses of the daily board, makes sure commitments are followed and stays in close contact with all board members. A board coordinator controls and evaluates all internal and external procedures, thereby always looking for possible improvements. A board coordinator works together with the president in drawing up the agenda for board meetings, and the assignment of responsibilities and tasks. A board coordinator works closely with the secretary in planning board activities.

Project coordinator VVSOR daily board

A project coordinator keeps track of the projects running within the VVSOR. One annual project is the organization of the Annual Meeting. Enthusiastic members and section boards help structuring this VVSOR day; the project coordinator monitors progress and informs everyone about how things are going with planning, promotion and registration. Another project is the design of a wiki-like website for statistical courses, workshops and bachelor/master programs. Our educational committee is creating an outline and the treasurer is allocating budget; the project coordinator helps with finding a suitable web design partner to make it happen. A major project is the professionalization and restructuring of the VVSOR. Section board members, committee members and further enthusiasts propose improvements. The project coordinator turns these ideas into action.