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multiple vacancies at the PhD and Postdoc level

The Network Architectures and Services research group at TU Delft has multiple vacancies at the PhD and Postdoc level that may be of interest to you or members of your team. The following two vacancies in particular pertain to probability theory, stochastic processes, and operations research:


PhD position: AI-networking – Decisions and clustering

Description: The ability to accurately discover all hidden relations between items that share similarities is paramount to solving large optimization problems that pertain to artificial intelligence and networking. By embedding our recently developed clustering techniques into reinforcement learning problems, and in collaboration with KPN, we will optimize several network processes that relate to learning, decision taking, recommendation giving, and prediction making.



Postdoc position: Optimized routing and scheduling for ultra-low latency services

Description: In this project, you will focus on optimal scheduling and routing of heterogeneous traffic with end-to-end requirements, given the graph of a communications network. This study, motivated by the new 5G telecommunication and Internet-of-Things paradigms, will use stochastic modelling and queuing theory, in addition to simulations that will complement the mathematical analysis.



We would appreciate you forwarding this information to potentially interested candidates. Candidates are welcome to contact professor Piet Van Mieghem ( for more information about any of our vacancies.