Former Award Winners

Here one can find a list of the former winners and honorable mentions of the Willem R. van Zwet Award


  • Collin Drent: Structured Learning and Decision Making for Maintenance (winner)


  • Rianne de Heide: Bayesian Learning: Challenges, Limitations and Pragmatics (winner)


  • Michiel uit het Broek: Condition-Based Production and Maintenance Decisions (winner)
  • Marc Nientker: On the Stability of Stochastic Dynamic Systems and their Use in Econometrics (honorable mention)


  • Jesse Hemerik: Permutation-Based Inference for High-Dimensional Data (winner)


  • Robbie van Aert: Meta-Analysis: Shortcomings and Potential (winner)
  • Frans de Ruiter: Primal and Dual Approaches to Adjustable Robust Optimization (honorable mention)


  • Stéphanie van der Pas: Topics in Mathematical and Applied Statistics (winner)

  • Krzysztof Postek: Distributionally and Integer Adjustable Robust Optimization (honorable mention)


  • Ward Romeijnders: Total Variation Error Bounds for Convex Approximations of Two-Stage Mixed-Integer Recourse Models (winner)


  • Bram L. Gorissen: Practical Robust Optimization Techniques and Improved Inverse Planning of HDR Brachytherapy (winner)
  • Jan-Pieter L. Dorsman: Layered Queueing Networks – Performance Modelling, Analysis and Optimisation (honorable mention)


  • Botond Szabó: Adaptation and Confidence in Nonparametric Bayes (winner)
  • Thomas Klausch: Informed Design of Mixed-Mode Surveys (winner)


  • Thomas Claassen: Causal Discovery and Logic (winner)
  • Arnoud den Boer: Dynamic Pricing and Learning (honorable mention)


  • Jevgenijs Ivanovs: One-sided Markov Additive Processes and Relaxed Exit Problems (winner)
  • Peter van de Ven: Stochastic Models for Resource Sharing in Wireless Networks (honorable mention)
  • Ruud Wetzels: Bayesian Model Selection with Applications in Social Science (honorable mention)