Former Award Winners

Below one can find a list of the former winners and honorable mentions of the Jan Hemelrijk Award / Master Thesis Award.


  • Fleur Theulen: Solving Large Maximum Covering Location Problems with a GRASP Heuristic (winner)


  • prize not awarded


  • Rosanne Turner: Safe Tests for 2×2 Contingency Tables and the Cochran-Mantel-Haenszel Test (winner)


  • Willem Feijen: Computing Optimal Classification Trees (winner)


  • Koos van Amerongen: Fast Approximate Delivery of Fluence Maps in Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy (winner)

koos van amerongen


  • Stefan ten Eikelder: Optimal Fractionation for Combined Photon-Proton Treatments in Radiation Therapy (winner)


  • Thomas Moerland: Knowing What You Don’t Know: Novelty Detection for Action Recognition (winner)
  • Stefan Klootwijk: Probabilistic Analysis of Facility Location on Random Shortest Path Metrics (honorable mention)


  • Kevin L.W. Duisters: Bayesian Smoothing and Inference in Longitudinal Models with Applications to Pediatric Developmental Scores (winner)


  • Rutger Kerkkamp: Facility Location Models in Emergency Medical Service: Robustness and Approximations (winner)


  • Frans de Ruiter: Adjustable Robust Optimization Based on Inexact Information (winner)
  • Martijn van Aspert: Deciding on Turn-around Stock Levels Using Advanced Demand Models and Expediting Repair Policies (honorable mention)


  • Jaron Sanders: Interacting Particles in Wireless Networks and Rydberg Gasses (winner)
  • Jana Jankova: Asymptotic Properties of Support Vector Machines (honorable mention)


  • Suzanne Sniekers: M-estimation in the Multinomial Logistic Regression Model with Competing Risks Data (winner)
  • Aleida Braaksma: Integrale planning van multidisciplinaire behandeltrajecten (honorable mention)


  • Robert S. Steemers: Short Sale Restrictions and the Implied Volatility Skew (winner)


·         David Plomp: Longevity Risk and the Consequences for Actuary (winner)

·         Joachim J. Arts: Efficient Optimization of the Dual-Index Policy using Markov Chain Approximations (winner)


·         Marco Timmer: Rendezvous on an Interval and a Search Game on a Star (winner)

·         Thomas Sigar: Computing a Cost-Efficient Final Order Quantity with Alternative Service Possibilities (honorable mention)


·         Nan van Geloven: Statistical Evaluation and Design of Virus Validation Robustness Studies (winner)


·         prize not awarded


·         Maaike Verloop: Efficient Flow Scheduling in Resource-Sharing Networks (winner)

·         Edgar de Gelder: The One and Two Dimensional Cutting Stock Problem within the Roller Blind Production Process (honorable mention)


·         Marnix Engels: Portfolio Optimization: Beyond Markowitz (winner)


·         Marloes Maathuis: Nonparametric Maximum Likelihood Estimation for Bivariate Censored Data (winner)

·         Alex Siem: Fitting Kriging Models for Design Optimization (honorable mention)


·         Bart Husslage: Collaborative Modeling in Design Optimization (winner)

·         Ton Dieker: Simulation of Fractional Brownian Motion (honorable mention)


·         Ieke le Blanc: Demand Supply Planning at Nokia Mobile Phones (winner)

·         Jelle Goeman: Using Survival to Predict Survival (winner)

·         Mark van den Broek: On Contention Resolution Procedures – Queueing Analysis and Simulation (honorable mention)


·         Frans Schalekamp en Anke van Zuylen: Over het schudden van kaarten (winner)

·         Edgar den Boef: A Branch-and-Bound Approach to the Multiple Container Loading Problem (honorable mention)


·         Lucie Aarts: Primal-Dual Search Directions in Semidefinite Optimization (winner)

·         Vera Raats: Herhaalde steekproefcontrole (honorable mention)


·         Alwin Stegeman: Modeling Traffic in High-Speed Networks by ON/OFF Models (winner)

·         Özge Pala: A Threefold Perspective on Validation: How Do Hard OR, Soft OR and System Dynamics See It? (honorable mention)


·         Stefan M. Boer: Quasi-Monte Carlo Implementation of a Multi-Factor Heath-Jarrow-Morton Model for the Valuation of Interest Rate Derivatives (winner)


·         Arjan Berkelaar: Complementarity and Interior Point Methodology (winner)

·         Wilko Sierksma: De deadhead selectie procedure (winner)


·         Joost P. Warners: A Potential Reduction Approach to the Radio Link Frequency Assignment Problem (winner)

·         Dick J.C. van Dijk: Threshold and Smooth Transition Error-Correction Models (honorable mention)

·         Hein J. Stam: Optimalisatie van de beleggingsstrategie in het kader van een asset liability management-studie (honorable mention)

·         Sander van der Zwan: The Plant Layout Problem: A Quadratic Set Covering Approach and a Branch and Bound Hybrid Construction Algorithm (honorable mention)


·         prize not awarded


·         C.M.H. Kuijpers: Determination of a Time-Optimal Moving Strategy for a Step-and-Scan Wafer Stepper (winner)

·         M.R.H. Mandjes: Large Deviations. Theoretical Results and Queueing Applications (honorable mention)


·         Lucas: Robust Estimation, Time Series and Cointegration (winner)

·         B. Jansen: An Introduction to Interior Point Algorithms for Linear and Convex Quadratic Programming and Some Results for the Nonconvex Quadratic Case (honorable mention)


·         Peter-Paul de Wolf: On the Estimation of the Index of Variation (winner)

·         Geurt Jongbloed: Nonparametric Approach to Wicksell’s Corpuscle Problem (honorable mention)

·         Geert-Jan van Houtum: Theoretische en numerieke analyse van multi-echelon voorraadsystemen met lijn- of assemblagestruktuur (honorable mention)


·         L.J.J. van der Bruggen: The Pickup and Delivery Problem with Time Windows (winner)

·         M.J. van der Laan: Dabrowska’s Multivariate Product Limit Estimator and the Delta Method (honorable mention)