28 February 2018

The NIPS debriefing

The NIPS debriefing will be:

Wednesday February 28, 2018: 14h00-16h00
Leiden University, Snellius Building, Niels Bohrweg 1, Leiden; Room 174

The preliminary list of speakers is:

Thomas Moerland: TBA
Dirk van der Hoeven: TBA
Wouter Koolen: TBA
William Weimin Yoo: Dynamic Routing Between Capsules by Sabour, Frosst, Hinton
A high-level overview of recent thinking on why neural networks generalize, based on:

Tim van Erven:

  • Spectrally-normalized margin bounds for neural networks by Bartlett, Foster, Telgarsky
  • The Marginal Value of Adaptive Gradient Methods in Machine Learning by Wilson, Roelofs, Stern, Srebro, Rech

An up to date schedule is available from www.timvanerven.nl/nips- debriefing/

There is still a slot available for one more speaker. Please contact me if you are interested.