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19 February 2018

Reflection positivity for parafermions

On Monday (19/02/2018), we have another interesting talk in our Probability and Statistics seminar series at TU Delft.


Bas  Janssens  (TU Delft)
When: Monday February 19th, 16:00
Where: TU Delft, Faculty EWI, Mekelweg 4, Lecture hall D@ta.

If you interchange two bosons, nothing happens. If you interchange two fermions, you get a minus sign. More generally, if you interchange two parafermions (or “anyons”), you get a complex pth root of unity. Inspired by recent interest in the use of parafermions in statistical physics, we give necessary and sufficient conditions on parafermionic hamiltonians in order for the the corresponding Gibbs state to be reflection positive. (Joint w. Arthur Jaffe, J. Funct. Analysis 272:8, 3506-3557)

More details on the seminar’s website: eemcs/the-faculty/departments/ applied-mathematics/applied- probability/events/seminars/