26 March 2018

Environmental contours

On Monday (26/03/2018), we have another interesting talk in our Probability and Statistics seminar series at TU Delft.
All of you are very welcome.

Arne Huseby (University of Oslo)
When: Monday March 26th, 16:00
Where: TU Delft, Faculty EWI, Mekelweg 4, Lecture hall D@ta.

Environmental contours

Environmental contours are used as an efficient way of summarizing uncertainty about various environmental variables relevant to marin constructions. They are typically used in the design phase where precise knowledge about the construction is not yet available. The traditional approach to environmental contours is based on the well-known Rosenblatt transformation. However, due to the effects of this transformation the probabilistic properties of the resulting environmental contour can be difficult to interpret. An alternative approach to environmental contours uses Monte Carlo simulations on the joint environmental model, and thus obtain a contour without the need for the Rosenblatt transformation. This contour have well-defined probabilistic properties, but may sometimes be overly conservative in certain areas. In this presentation we review the main approaches to environmental contours, and show how to evaluate the probabilistic properties of such contours.

More details on the seminar’s website:
https://www.tudelft.nl/en/ eemcs/the-faculty/departments/ applied-mathematics/applied- probability/events/seminars/