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  • Attend our annual meeting and other events with discount
  • Free admission to one of the 6 sections of the society
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  • For young members: automatic access to all activities of the Young Statisticians
  • All individual members receive a 25% discount on virtually all Wiley books

Membership types and yearly rates (2018)

For the announcement of the yearly rates effective in 2019, click here

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In the form below, one preference section can be chosen free of charge. Subscription to an extra section costs €10.00 per year. More info about our sections can be found here.


Affiliated Membership 2018

A corporation can become a member of the society for €185.00 per year. This particular type of membership includes subscription to all VVSOR sections, the VVSOR-mailing list for announcements, to the scientific journal Statistica Neerlandica, and the journal STAtOR.

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