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Van Dantzig Award

The next Van Dantzig Award is scheduled for 2020.

Once in every 5 years the VVS presents the Van Dantzig Award. The next presentation will take place during the lustrum of the VVS in 2020. The award is in memory of prof. dr. D. van Dantzig , the founder of Dutch mathematical statistics.

The next Van Dantzig Award will be presented to a colleague who on January 1, 2020, is not older than 40 years and who during the past 5 years has made an exceptional contribution — either theoretical, or practical— in the field of Statistics or Operations Resarch. Previous recipients of the Van Dantzig Award are Van Zwet (1970), Van Meurs (1975), Hordijk (1980), Rinnooy Kan (1985), Gill (1990), and Ridder (1995), Van der Vaart (2000), Borst and Van der Laan (2005), Grünwald and Van Zanten (2010),  and Zwart (2015).

More information:

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