STAtOR magazine is the regular journal of the Netherlands Society for Statistics and Operations Research (VVSOR). On this page, we inform you about submitting an article to STAtOR, the editorial board, and the latest STAtOR issue and full archive can be found.

About STAtOR

STAtOR was launched in April 2000. The magazine functions as the solid, binding element in the dynamic life of the society.

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STAtOR is distributed among VVSOR members, but also within various companies in The Netherlands. STAtOR allows its readers to stay up to date on the latest developments in the field in a fun and easy way. By publishing in this journal you reach an audience of researchers and practitioners in statistics & operations research.


Latest Issue & Archive

The contents of the latest issue, can be found here.
For the full STAtOR archive, with issues of all previous years, click here.


Editorial board & columnists

The editorial board of STAtOR consists out of ten members. STAtOR has four regular columnists. More information on the editorial board members and columnists can be found here.


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Foto van Joaquim Gromicho

Editor in chief: Joaquim A. S. Gromicho