Fill in the membership form below, and fill in and send the authorisation form for direct debit to to join ANed. ANed is the Dutch region of the IBS and as such a membership of ANed automatically involves membership of IBS. IBS membership brings a few perks:

  • Subscription to the quarterly scientific review Biometrics
  • Subscription to the quarterly Biometric Bulletin with news regarding the IBS and biostatistics in general
  • Discount on selected IBS and IBS-related events

In addition, a member of ANed qualifies for free entry to most ANed events (usually 2-3 per year).

Note that if you are a member of BMS (biometrical section of VVSOR) you are not automatically a member of ANed, and as such, the above perks do not apply. To join the BMS click here. First join the mother organisation VVSOR and subsequently the biometrical section BMS. Membership of BMS entails all perks that regular membership of VVSOR brings, plus free entry to most BMS-ANed events.

Please remember to fill out the authorisation form for direct debit and send it to!