Awards & funds

Biometry award

The Hans van Houwelingen Award Biometry Award is granted every two years to a first author of either Dutch nationality or working in a Dutch institution. The publication that is granted the award has contributed significantly to the development or application of biometry. Further conditions have been set down in the Biometry Award Regulations. Previous winners of the award are given in the table below:

Year Author Publication
2020 Pariya Behrouzi Behrouzi, P., & Wit, E.C. (2019). Detecting epistatic selection with partially observed genotype data by using copula graphical models. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series C: Applied Statistics, 68(1), 141-160
2018 Rianne Jacobs Jacobs, R., Lesaffre, E., Teunis, P.F.M., Höhle, M., & van de Kassteele, J. (2017). Identifying the source of food-borne disease outbreaks: An application of Bayesian variable selection. 
Statistical Methods in Medical Research
2016 Hein Putter Putter, H., & van Houwelingen, H.C. (2015). Dynamic frailty models based on compound birth-death processes. Biostatistics, 16, 550-564
2014 Fentaw Abegaz Abegaz F., & Wit E. (2013). Sparse time series chain graphical models for reconstructing genetic networks. Biostatistics, 14, 586-599
2012 Jelle Goeman Goeman J.J., & Solari A. (2011). Multiple Testing for Exploratory Research. Statistical Science, 26, 584-597
2010 Judith Lok Lok, J. (2008). Statistical modeling of causal effects in continuous time.
Annals of Statistics, 36, 1464–1507
2008 Martin Boer Boer, M.P., Wright, D., Feng, L., Podlich, D.W., Luo, L., Cooper, M., & van Eeuwijk, F.A. (2007). A mixed-model quantitative trait loci (QTL) analysis for multiple-environment trial data using environmental covariables for QTL-by-environment interactions, with an example in maize. Genetics, 177, 1801-1813
2006 Rachid El Galta El Galta, R., van Duijn, C.M., van Houwelingen, & J.C., Houwing-Duistermaat, J.J. (2005). Score statistic to test for genetic correlation for proband-family design. Annals of Human Genetics, 69, 373-381
2004 Nico Nagelkerke Nagelkerke, N.J., Boshuizen, H.C., de Melker, H.E., Schellekens, J.F., Peeters, M.F., & Conyn-van Spaendonck, M. (2003). Estimating the incidence of subclinical infections with Legionella Pneumonia using data augmentation: analysis of an outbreak in The Netherlands. Statistics in Medicine, 22, 3713-24.
2002 Hans Jansen Jansen, J., de Jong, A.G., & van Ooijen, J.W. (2001). Constructing dense genetic linkage maps. Theoretical and Applied Genetics, 102, 1113-1122.
2000 Ritsert Jansen Jansen, R.C., Johnson, D.L., & van Arendonk, J.A.M. (1998). A mixture model approach to the mapping of quantitative trait loci in complex populations with an application to multiple cattle families. Genetics, 148, 391-399.
1998 Huub Straatman Straatman, H., Peer, P.G.M., & Verbeek, A.L.M. (1997). Estimating lead time and sensitivity in a screening program without estimating the incidence in the screened group. Biometrics, 53, 217-229.
1996 Fred van Eeuwijk Van Eeuwijk, F.A. (1995). Multiplicative interaction in generalized linear models. Biometrics, 51, 1017-1032.
1994 Pierre Verweij Verweij, P.J.M., & van Houwelingen, H.C. (1993). Cross-validation in survival analysis. Statistics in Medicine, 12, 2305-2314.
1992 Saskia le Cessie Le Cessie, S., & van Houwelingen, J.C. (1991). A goodness of fit test for binary regression models, based on smoothing methods. Biometrics, 47, 1267-1282.

Biometry Fund


The Professor Corsten Biometry Fund was founded in 1988 with the objective to stimulate biometry in those countries where financial resources are limited. The most recent examples of support to individual biometricians and organizations are:

  • Support of € 1588 for a student in Biometry (2001)
  • Contribution of US$ 2500 to the Awards Fund Committee of the International Biometric Society (IBS) coordinating travel grants for the International Biometric Conference to biometricians from ‘special circumstance countries’ (1996, 1998, and 2000)
  • Contribution of US$ 2000 to a meeting of the IBS Network for Central America and the Carribean (1999)
  • Contribution of US$ 2000 to a meeting of the IBS African Network in Nigeria (1999)
  • Smaller contributions have been made to support the distribution of newsletters, copies of biometrical journals, and course material


Applications for funding may be directed at the secretary of the board of the Biometry Fund (Rianne Jacobs: All decisions regarding the allocation of funds are made by the board.


The Biometry Fund is sponsored by individuals, institutions, and companies in the Netherlands as well as abroad. The table below shows the yearly donations (in euro) between 1993 and 2004.

Year Individuals Institutions/
1993 930 3370 4300
1994 206 4030 4236
1995 540 1010 1550
1996 1044 4408 5452
1997 193 397 590
1998 978 1134 2112
1999 227 408 635
2000 136 590 726
2001 1041 1452 2493
2002 1103 360 1463
2003 1438 370 1808
2004 103 310 413



You can become a sponsor of the Biometry Fund by participating in our yearly fundraising campaign or by making a donation to

Professor Corsten Biometry Fund
Blauwkapelseweg 63
3572 KC Utrecht
The Netherlands.

Your gift will be appreciated!


The activities of the Biometry Fund are coordinated by a board of three. Since 2018, this board is merged with the board of BMS-ANed. They provide a yearly account which is reviewed by the treasurer of the Netherlands Region of the IBS (ANed). The administrative costs are minimal. Currently, the board consists of:

  • Mark van de Wiel (Chairman), Amsterdam UMC,
    Tel: +31 20 4445 405, e-mail:
  • Willem Kruijer (Treasurer), Biometris, Wageningen UR
    Tel: +31 31 7481 078, e-mail:
  • Rianne Jacobs (Secretary), RUG,
    Tel: +31 50 3635 170, email: