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Summary of the joint BMS-ANed and PDSM meeting

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On November 23 we had our autumn meeting, “Biostatistical challenges in R&D”, this time a joint meeting from BMS-ANed and PSDM. The PSDM (Pharmaceutical Statistics and Data Management) is a Dutch network group of statisticians, clinical programmers and data managers working in and for the pharmaceutical industry, and is a (big) working group of BMS-ANed. The meeting was held at Wageningen University & Research (WUR) in the beautiful Forum Building.

On this cold and dark Friday afternoon, we were lucky to listen to a diversity of interesting topics. Floor van Oudenhoven started with “Challenges in RCTs solved with joint models?” (presentation slides), followed by Pieta IJzerman-Boon, who told us about both statistical and regulatory challenges in the validation of rapid microbiological methods (presentation slides). Gonnie van Osta got the public involved with her presentation on the challenges of validation of a pharmaceutical heart beat device, resulting in hours of measurements with 4 measurements per second, “Conflicting regulators, upbeat developers and big data: How to bring them together?” (presentation slides). After the break Hans Bogaards gave an overview of a field that was at least for me rather new, “Unraveling microbial ecosystems to direct prophylactic and probiotic interventions” (presentation slides). Last but not least was Fred van Eeuwijk, “Statistical genetics in plants: Finding an equilibrium between academic and commercial interests”, where he explained the cooperation model of the WUR statistical group Biometris, one of the largest quantitative groups in North Western Europe, with commercial parties and how this could result in new statistical methods. He ended with some Dutch wisdom from our famous football player Johan Cruijff: In theory, the theory is complicated and the practice is simple, but in practice the practice is complicated and the theory is simple. This was a good start for the last part of the afternoon: the drinks, with a beautiful view on the skyline of the WUR.

Both the very interesting topics and lively discussions during the scientific part of the meeting, and the drinks afterwards show that the joint meeting of BMS-ANed and the PSDM was very successful!