Meet the people behind the Dutch OR Society

Alber Wagelmans (Chair)

Operations Research has many faces. For instance, while an OR practitioner may be trying to apply existing OR techniques to a complex and “dirty“ practical problem, an OR academic may be studying the theorectical aspects of a completely new method. The Dutch OR Society NGB would like to an association where all operation researchers feel at home. To accomplish this it is important that the society stimulates mutual contacts, for instance by making the activities of its members more transparant. Of course, it is also important that the high level at which OR stands in the Netherlands is regulalry brought to the attention of the outside world. Furthermore, I will personally commit myself to to strengthening the ties with the umbrella organizations EURO and IFORS.

Martijn van Ee (Secretary)

I am an assistant professor at the Netherlands Defence Academy in Den Helder. In my work, I combine theoretical research with working on military applications. I joined the board of the NGB because I like to bring people form practice and science together and because I like to make people enthusiastic about OR and mathematics.

Erik van der Sluis (Treasurer)

Erik is associate professor at the University of Amsterdam.



Caroline Jagtenberg (General boardmember)

In my professional life, I have spent time both in industry (ORTEC) and academia (CWI, University of Auckland). I enjoy connecting people from both sides, which is why I joined the board of the Dutch OR society. It is my personal goal to make our society more well known, and start new initiatives for knowledge sharing and networking. I am also an editor for the journal STAtOR. Currently, I am working at the Vrije Universiteit. My research combines health care and logistics, such as ambulance planning or pharmaceutical supply chains.

Frans de Ruiter (General boardmember)

The NGB has an important role in connecting researchers to experts from industry and vice versa. As a part time researcher at Wageningen University, but mostly working as an Operations Research expert at companies, I am happy to be part of the NGB to help with these connections. The yearly NGB conference is a perfect example of this, where every year experts and researchers meet. Next to connecting the right people to work together on impactful work, I enjoy working on research/practical problems that deal with uncertainty and large scale optimization methods in practice.

Guusje Scheijen (General boardmember)

I am currently working as an Analytics Consultant at ORTEC and have a background in Civil Engineering and Applied Mathematics at TU Delft. My combination of studies show my passion in the area where logistics and mathematics meet. Within ORTEC I’m working within the Transport and logistic team, this fits very well with my interests. At ORTEC we deliver OR both in software products and consultancy studies, our goal is to improve the world using our passion for mathematics. ORTEC wants to be at the forefront of applying developments in the field of OR. Hence, the connection with academia is of great importance.

Maaike Vollebergh (General boardmember)

Being part of the board of the NGB gives me the chance to share my enthusiasm for Operations Research with practitioners and researchers. Currently, I am a PhD candidate at the Vrije Universiteit, working on supply chain allocation and coordination problems. Before starting my PhD, I worked as a researcher at Netherlands Railways (Nederlandse Spoorwegen, NS). I enjoy using Operations Research techniques to try solving practical problems and am happy to organize events where industry and academia come together.



Willem Feijen (PhD student representative)

The combination of studying Operations Research Theory at one side, and applying the theory to practical problems on the other side is of great interest to me. That is also why I started my PhD, in which I work for both Dassault Systemes (formerly known as Quintiq) and CWI. In my research I focus on improving optimization techniques by using machine learning tools. By joining the board of NGB, I hope to be able to share the joy of the interaction between theory and practice with many others.