Upcoming events

In May, there will be two events that are supported by the NGB. You can find relevant information below. In the meantime, the board of the NGB is preparing the Young OR Day 2024 and the LNMB/NGB Seminar 2025. We will keep you posted.

On May 23, 2024, the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam hosts the Intercity Seminar of the Ducth Seminar on Optimization. The Dutch Seminar on Optimization takes place once a month online, and this is its first in-person event of 2024. It aims to bring together researchers from the Netherlands and beyond, who are interested in optimization in a broad sense. It has a focus on the theoretical foundations of discrete and continuous optimization. This event provides an opportunity to foster collaboration, present research and exchange ideas in an informal and relaxed atmosphere. The invited speakers are Georgina Hall and Alexandra Lassota.

The website of the workshop is available at https://vu.nl/en/events/2024/dutch-intercity-seminar-on-optimization. There you will find all available information and a registration form to participate. Registration is free and not necessary to participate, but appreciated for catering purposes. There is also the possibility to register a lightning talk and the possibility to join an optional dinner, in which case we ask you to register at or before May 12.

On May 31, 2024, Eindhoven University of Technology organizes Benders Day. This is a one day workshop featuring invited talks on topics related to the work of Jacques Benders, in particular, Benders decomposition. The invited speakers are John Hooker, Ivana Ljubic, Ward Romeijnders, Cor Hurkens, Stephen Maher, Karen Aardal, Elina Rönnberg, and Dries Goossens. More information can be found at: https://www.win.tue.nl/~chojny/bendersday/bendersday.html.