BMS-ANed Seminar on data analysis with competing risks - VVSOR - VVSOR

12 October 2023

BMS-ANed Seminar on data analysis with competing risks

We are happy to announce our sixth online seminar in the Biostatistics Seminar Series on Thursday, October 12th, 12h-13h

This series of Biostatistics seminars targets a broad (bio)statistical audience, in particular PhD-students. Specialists discuss a topic of their interest, paying particular attention to concepts relevant and accessible to a non-specialist audience as well.

Ronald Geskus
University of Oxford
Ho Chi Minh City

Competing risks, when and how to incorporate them in the analysis


The role of competing risks in the analysis of time-to-event data is increasingly acknowledged. However, confusion remains regarding the proper analysis: When and how do we need to take the presence of competing risks into account? Which quantities are relevant for our research question? What assumptions do we need to make for unbiased estimation?

The main quantities in a competing risks analysis are the cause-specific cumulative incidence, the cause-specific hazard and the subdistribution hazard. We describe their nonparametric estimation and give an overview of regression models for each of these quantities. We briefly discuss the preferred analysis in relation to the type of study question (inferential, predictive or causal) and the character of the competing risks (interventions or biological events).


Many thanks to Ronald for allowing us to share the slides here