Statistics seminars

We provide a collection of statistics seminars in the Netherlands with links to the corresponding webpages for better tractability of ongoing events.

  1. Delft Seminar Series in Probability and Statistics: weekly seminar (Mondays, 4pm-5pm) in probability and statistics. Location: Delft.  Webpage:
  2. Eindhoven (TU/e) Stochastics Colloquium/Seminar: weekly stochastics seminar (Wednesdays, 3:45pm-4:45pm). Location: Eindhoven. Webpage:
  3. Van Dantzig seminar: monthly nationwide series of lectures in statistics (Fridays, 3:00pm-5.15pm ) Webpage:
  4. Extreme TiDE seminar:  quarterly seminar series aims at inviting researchers in the field of Extreme Value Analysis from abroad. Location: Delft, Rotterdam and Tilburg.  Webpage:
  5. Groningen Stochastics Seminar: biweekly stochastics seminar (Wednesday, 3pm-4pm). Location: Groningen. Webpage:
  6. Reading group on Causality: biweekly reading group on causal statistics (Mondays, 4pm-5pm). Location: Leiden. Webpage:
  7. Thematic Statistics Seminar: biweekly informal seminar (Fridays, 4pm-5pm) focusing on the recent development in statistics. Location: Amsterdam and Leiden. Webpage:
  8. Neurips debriefing seminar: yearly.
  9. Bayes club: biweekly seminar (Fridays, 4pm-5pm) on informal, biweekly meeting of researchers in the field of Bayesian statistics. This seems to have been paused.