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The team

Here you can read about the current members of the Young Statisticians board.

Laura Verkerk

Laura is a Student of the Statistical Science for the Life and Behavioural Sciences master’s program at Leiden University. Before she studied Psychology (Bsc.) and she is working on a thesis for Methodology & Statistics in Psychology. At the moment Laura is at the CBS (Central Agency for Statistics), where she did an internship on the relation between Flu, Cold and a higher mortality rate in the Netherlands, until midway January 2017. Laura enjoys applications of statistics to real-life problems and challenges. Together with Annette she represents the Young Statisticians’ media team!

Elian Griffioen

Elian is a second year student of the research master Methodology and Statistics for the Behavioural, Biomedical and Social Sciences at Utrecht University. Before this master, he studied Chemistry and Psychology at Utrecht University. He will do his master thesis at the Utrecht Medical Centre (UMC) and Sanquin on modelling the yields of donors anti-D immunoglobins. Elian likes the debates on frequentist and Bayesian statistics and subjective or objective priors, although he has no clear preference. Elian likes to improve society by applying statistics and as a enthusiastic sportsman (he plays soccer and volleyball every week) he is interested in the use of data and statistics in sports.

Machiel Visser

Machiel is a student of the Statistical Science master’s programme at Leiden University, specialising in Life and Behavioural Sciences, as well as in Data Science. He is also member of the Education Committee. Before, he did a research master’s in Biology at the same university, where he worked on multiple research projects in Biogeography. In his spare time he enjoys playing tennis, skiing, hiking, and reading. Within the Young Statisticians board Machiel holds the position of Treasurer and keeps track of all finances.

Jonas Haslbeck

Jonas is a PhD student at the Psychosystems lab at the University of Amsterdam, working on multivariate time series models. Before, he studied psychology (Bsc, University of Graz, Austria) and statistics (MSc, Utrecht University) and completed research research exchanges and internships in Mexico, Germany, Luxembourg and the UK. Next to his PhD project, Jonas does research on decision making and is interested in open science/data/code and large scale data (re)analyses. At YS, he serves as the chair of the team. For more info see here.

Erik-Jan van Kesteren

Erik-Jan (GitHub) is a PhD student at the Methodology and Statistics department at Utrecht University. His NWO talent grant project is on extending structural equation models for novel and high-dimensional data. In addition, he has become a team member at JASP. He loves programming and other forms of being creative at the computer, such as photography and a bit of design. As the Young Statisticians’ designer, he maintains the website as well as the visual identity of the organisation.