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The team

Here you can read about the current members of the Young Statisticians board.

Maxine Storm

MaxineStormMaxine is a PhD candidate at the Parnassia Groep and Leiden University Medical Center. The focus of her research is to gain insights about several social factors that are related to the development of psychopathology in children with an intellectual disability. Before, she studied Statistics and Data Science at Leiden University and Pedagogical Science at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Besides her research ambitions, she enjoys teaching social science students a variety of Statistics courses. Maxine is the secretary of the YS board.

Marije Sluiskes

Marije is a PhD candidate at the Leiden University Medical Center, working on the development of new statistical methods to derive omic-based biological age predictors. She completed a master’s in Statistical Science at Leiden University and a bachelor’s in Liberal Arts and Sciences at University College Roosevelt.  Besides statistics, Marije can talk endlessly about politics and books. Marije serves as the chair of the 2021-2022 YS board.

Iris Hoekstra

Iris is a student of the master’s program Statistical Science at Leiden University. After doing a lot of statistics in her bachelor’s in Psychology she decided to further explore the field of statistics in the master’s program. She likes to dive into a topic in statistics by programming, writing reports and doing presentations. Besides the love for statistics, Iris loves to do sports such as field hockey, rowing and running. She also likes to be outside and to be surrounded by nature and animals!

Luise Gummi

Luise discovered her love for statistics in her Bachelor of Psychology at Erasmus University in Rotterdam. That’s when she decided to pursue the Statistics & Data Science Master at Leiden University. Her favourite topic so far is study designs, and she is very interested in research in the areas of medicine and psychology. Other than that her hobbies are learning about mental health, travelling, hiking in nature, running and callisthenics.

Vivianne Coppes

Vivianne is a student of the Statistics & Data Science Master at Leiden University. While doing her bachelor in Psychology at the University of Groningen, she noticed her interest in statistics and research. By choosing the master Statistics & Data Science her interest in both psychological and medical research are combined. Next to spending her time studying, she enjoys watersports like windsurfing and sailing.