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05 June 2019

Statistics Café: Train Scheduling

Learn about the methods behind train scheduling for the Dutch railway network


How do you make train schedules for the complex railway network in the Netherlands? How do you optimize schedules for different targets? How can we avoid large-scale disruptions of train services? In this statistics café you will learn about all of these questions, while at the same time enjoying a little drink at the very apt location Bar Beton at Utrecht Central station!

Alfons Schaafsma (ProRail) – Introduction to Train Scheduling in the Netherlands
Rob Goverde (Professor at TU Delft) – Multi-objective railway timetabling
Mark Dekker (PhD Student at Utrecht University) – The origin and prevention of large-scale disruptions in the Dutch railways

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Date: June 5
Time: 19:00
Location: Bar Beton, Utrecht Central Station