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10 September 2019

Company Visit: Philips!

From lightbulbs to televisions to improving sleep with deep learning. Come and learn about the latest developments happening over at the Philips High Tech Campus!

Lightbulbs, televisions, improving sleep with deep learning, and the list goes on!

Come and learn about Philips’ innovative approaches to improving healthcare and the technicalites around it.

Location: Philips High Tech Campus.

Space for 25 people so be quick!

Date: 10 September 2019

15.00 – 17.00   —  Presentations
17.00 onwards  —  Borrel

Lined up we have three great speakers:

Qi Gao
Topic: Using AI and Big Data to improve maintenance services for medical systems.

Michael van Hartskamp
Topic: Dealing with Wide-Data in Healthcare Applications.

Ulf Grossekathofer
Topic: “How to improve sleep with deep learning”.

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