Webinar series: Persuasive Statistics (June 2023) - VVSOR - VVSOR

Webinar series: Persuasive Statistics (June 2023)

On Tuesdays in June 2023, speakers will talk about the persuasiveness of statistics and various aspects influencing this.


During this online webinar series we will learn more about the persuasive effect of data and statistics. Whether people understand and trust statistical results may, for example, depend on their numeracy level and the way in which the numbers are communicated. Some may be more susceptible to misinformation than others. We will also discuss how people can gain resistance against (numerical) misinformation.


All meetings are online via Zoom and start at 16.00 and end ± 17.00h. You will receive the Zoom-link after registration.



Photo by Catherine Heath on Unsplash