Webinar on Podcasts

On November 24th, the Statistics Communication section hosed a webinar on podcasts. See below the recording of this meeting!

The webinar consisted of two parts; an introduction to podcasts and the story of the statistical podcast series “Stats+Stories”.

Introduction to podcasts by Jos van der Pluijm

Jos works as a senior consultant at Sterk Werk Communicatie. In this role he, amongst others, helps companies to reach the news media and to be found by their target audience with relevant content. One of the ways to reach this goals is by developing podcasts. He shared the basics about podcasts, both practical and technical.

<video Jos>

Experiences from Stats+Stories podcast series by Prof. John Bailer, PhD

He is the co-creator of the podcast series Stats+Stories, the podcast series where the stories behind the statistics and the statistics behind the stories are explored. John Bailer and his Stats+Stories colleagues just won the 2021 Joint Policy Board for Mathematics Communications Award for their engaging, entertaining, and enlightening Stats+Stories podcast”. He shared his experiences with us during the webinar.

John Bailer is also University Distinguished Professor and chair of the Department of Statistics at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. He is currently President of the International Statistical Institute, and was recently awarded the American Statistical Association’s Founders Award.


<video John>


Want to put knowledge into practice?

Are you inspired by John’s story about Stats+Stories and would you like to try to make a Stats + Stories (NL) episode with us? Contact us via statisticscommunication@vvsor.nl!