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Looking back: Webinar on Podcasts

On the 24th of November 2020 we convened online for a VVSOR webinar on Podcasts. Find a short summary and the recordings here!

Since you could listen to podcasts at home or even – as we found out – record a podcast from within a wardrobe in your own home (which would incidentally provide the most isolation one could get from their lockdown buddy’s these days) podcasts revealed themselves as pretty much an ideal activity for the dark days that conclude 2020.

After a cameo audio contribution by Prof. John Bailer’s dog, we started with Jos van der Pluijm who gave us an overview of podcasts in general and the Dutch perspective. And some great tips! Evaluations indicated that the popular Sinterklaasjournaal podcast was indeed a fun listen.

Then Prof. John Bailer, PhD gave us a look behind the scenes of his podcast series Stats+Stories. Some great insight on the development of Stats+Stories, including advice on how to start one’s own statistical podcast. And a great dare: Statistieken+Verhalen, a Dutch special of Stats+Stories?!

Both parts of this webinar can be viewed below.


Introduction to podcasts by Jos van der Pluijm

Jos works as a senior consultant at Sterk Werk Communicatie. In this role he, amongst others, helps companies to reach the news media and to be found by their target audience with relevant content. One of the ways to reach this goals is by developing podcasts. He shared the basics about podcasts, both practical and technical.

Experiences from Stats+Stories podcast series by Prof. John Bailer, PhD

He is the co-creator of the podcast series Stats+Stories, the podcast series where the stories behind the statistics and the statistics behind the stories are explored. John Bailer and his Stats+Stories colleagues just won the 2021 Joint Policy Board for Mathematics Communications Award for their engaging, entertaining, and enlightening Stats+Stories podcast”. He shared his experiences with us during the webinar.

Want to put knowledge into practice?

Are you inspired by John’s story about Stats+Stories and would you like to try to make a Stats + Stories (NL) episode with us? Contact us via statisticscommunication@vvsor.nl!