Workshop series on Data Visualization: session 3 - VVSOR - VVSOR

08 December 2021

Workshop series on Data Visualization: session 3

Session 3: Data visualization in R (Advanced)

Time: 11.00-13.00
Platform: Zoom
Workshop type: Practical
Number of places: 40 participants

For our third workshop, we will continue with Cédric Scherer to take our ggplot skills to the next level! For this advanced user session, Cédric will challenge even those of us with ample ggplot experience. He will introduce us to a mixture of advanced plotting options, including spatial maps and animated graphs, to make us into all-round data-viz experts.

As with the previous session, this advanced session will be a practical tutorial with live coding, and an RMarkdown document containing the workshop’s code will be provided to follow along more easily.
As this is the advanced user session, we require participants to either take our beginner workshop (session 2) first, or have considerable plotting experience using ggplot in R.


Who is Cédric Scherer?

Cédric Scherer is a data visualization expert and ggplot-wizard to the core. He has spoken about data visualization in R at a number of conferences, including the useR and Outlier conferences, and is the author of a range of highly successful online tutorials on data visualization in R. Professionally, Cédric works as a postdoctoral researcher in computational ecology at the Department for Ecological Dynamics of the Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Researc h (IZW) in Berlin. Additionally, Cédric is working as an independent data visualization specialist, functioning as a designer, consultant, analyst, and workshop instructor for a large number of clients. Moreover, Cédric has won numerous data visualization competitions with his outstanding work.