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The World of Bernoulli Schemes

Seminar over “Kop of Munt” 10-09-18

Op maandag 10 september 2018, is er een seminar van de “Probability and Statistics” seminar series bij de TU Delft.
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Bestuur VVSOR Bestuur VVSOR

Mike Keane (TU Delft)
When: Monday, September 10th, 16:00
Where: TU Delft, Faculty EWI, Mekelweg 4, Lecture hall D@ta.

The World of Bernoulli Schemes

The study of random processes is a central element of probability and statistics. In this lecture I wish to concentrate on the understanding which has been developed of Bernoulli schemes, named after the seminal work of Jacob and Johan Bernoulli in the 17th century in Basel and Groningen, and in particular to explain simple methods which algorithmically convert sequences of random “coin” tosses of a coin to such random sequences of another, different “coin”, both in the classical and quantum domains. There is at present a hope that the new “coins”, sometimes called “quantum coins”, will provide solutions to yet intractable questions using classical Bernoulli techniques.

More details on the seminar’s website

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