30 Nov + 18 Dec

Online blog training

The VVSOR organises an online blog training for members who would like to write about their research.


Following the introductory media training, this blog training is the next step towards VVSOR’s goal to increase the visibility of statisticians and OR-researchers in the media. (But note that with participating in the training, you are not committing to any media exposure; only if you decide to post your blog yourself.)

About the training:

During this training you learn how to write a blog post, but also how you start a blog in a way that contributes to your development as a researcher. The first online group session follows the path from strategy to thinking up topics to write about. After this session you set up, write, and publish your first blog post as a homework assignment. The trainer will give you feedback on your setup and first draft. The second online meeting is about finalising your blog post and being read.

Although the main focus in the training is on publishing about research, most topics of the training can also be applied in publishing, for example, about interesting work projects.

The trainer is Hermen Visser of Visser Visible Communication.

Practical information:

  • This training is only available for VVSOR members. If you are not a member you can join the society first and then register for the blog training.
  • Dates: Two group training sessions of two hours; one session on the 30th of November and one on the 18th of December, group 1 in the morning (9.00-11.00) and group 2 in the afternoon (13.00-15.00). Individual feedback session with the trainer will be planned on the 7th (group 1) or 8th (group 2) of December.
  • Number of participants: 6 per training. Note that if less than 7 participants register, then there will just be one group, either in the morning or afternoon.
  • Language: English. In case there are enough participants for two trainings, then the group might be split into one Dutch group and one English group.


Please register here.


If you have any questions, please contact us via pers@vvsor.nl.




Gepubliceerd op: November 3, 2020