Vereniging voor Statistiek en Operations Research

About (ENG)

On this page we tell more about the Netherlands Society for Statistics and Operations Research (VVSOR in Dutch), our activities, the sections, the history and our daily board.

(For Dutch, please refer to this page)

The Society

The goal of the VVSOR is to promote the application and study of statistics and operational research, serving both science and society. In order to achieve this goal many events are organized by the VVSOR, such as the two-day Annual Meeting in Spring. Speakers with varying backgrounds tell their vision on the disciplines of statistics and/or operations research. Each year during the Annual Meeting two prices are awarded for the best Master’s thesis and the best PhD thesis and every five years the Van Dantzig price is awarded. Furthermore, the VVSOR publishes two journals, the scientific journal Statistica Neerlandica and the society’s journal STAtOR. Our expert group advises institutes and news media on new developments and difficult issues regarding statistics and OR.



The various areas within statistics and operations research have resulted in our seven sections, who also organize events and meetings on a regular basis.

  • Biometrics (BMS)
    BMS-ANed are two associations who have joined forces to promote the study and application of statistics in medicine, life sciences and related fields.
  • Economics (ECS)
    The Economics section focuses on promoting the beauty and usefulness of statistics in economics.
  • Mathematical Statistics (SMS)
    A section interested in mathematical statistics (SMS).
  • Operations Research (Dutch OR Society)
    The Dutch OR Society unites Operations Research professionals, scientists, teachers and students. Our goal is to promote the use of Operations Research in the Netherlands and to connect the people to achieve this.
  • Social Sciences (SWS)
    The Social Science section focuses on promoting the beauty and usefulness of statistics in social and behavioural sciences.
  • Young Statisticians
    Young Statisticians Netherlands is an organization for students, early-career researchers and professionals who are enthusiastic about statistics.



The Netherlands Society for Statistics and Operations Research (VVSOR) has been founded on August 15, 1945 and currently has approximately 800 members.



The daily board of the VVSOR currently consists out of the president Fred van Eeuwijk, secretary Sophie Swinkels, treasurer Ad Ridder and general board member Nikky van Buuren. For contact information of the board and the other board members, please refer to this page.